The Marketcetera Automated Trading Platform is a standards-based open source software platform distributed under the GPL license 2.0.

By taking an open source approach, Marketcetera gives you total control over your trading platform at a fraction of the cost of traditional proprietary commercial software offerings or in-house solutions. You’ll have a robust, extensible software foundation on which to execute your unique strategies, whether you use the platform as is or you choose to customize it to meet your needs. Marketcetera gives you complete transparency into the source code, meaning you have total control over what you do with the product. Use, modify or enhance the source code to meet your business objectives, without paying license fees. You’ll get to market more quickly because there’s no waiting for vendors, and you won’t have to begin your development efforts from scratch. Plus, you’ll maintain complete control – and confidentiality – of your proprietary trading strategies. If you choose to participate in Marketcetera’s open source community, you’ll have access to a network of developers working on similar challenges. Whether troubleshooting issues or sharing new ideas, the community forums provide another resource for making the most of your development resources. And for companies looking for access to Marketcetera’s commercial modules, data feeds and certified broker connections, or more robust support services, Marketcetera offers supported licenses, ensuring you meet your firm’s operational demands and compliance mandates.

Built with the needs of trading firms in mind, and delivered via an open source approach, Marketcetera gives you reliable, secure, and agile software, enabling you to focus on your singular trading vision.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce TCO: Marketcetera is available as a free download to use and modify as you need, with commercial supported software licenses available to those needing access to Marketcetera data feeds or for greater operational support
  • Flexible and Extensible: Use the software as is, or modify it to meet your needs, you’re in complete control
  • Safe and Secure: You get highly reliable, robust software, with the ability to maintain the confidentiality of your business strategies
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