System Administration

The IT professionals that support large institutional trading desks are the unsung heroes of the trading community. The manage multiple sessions across trading desks, liquidity destinations, time zones and regions. They troubleshoot issues across a complex web in internal applications and ensure that their firms meet their regulatory and internal risk standards. Marketcetera provides a UI module specifically designed to assist these professionals complete their tasks efficiently. Based on the tools that we use internally to support our hosted clients, here are just some of the ways the Marketcetera System Administration module supports your IT team:

  • Automate session scheduling by week or day
  • Customizable audit trail for regulatory bodies and internal risk teams
  • Aggregate and throttle orders per gateway
  • EOD Orders
  • Collect and display performance metrics such as processing speed, backlog, etc., per gateway
  • Configure order vs. execution priority
  • Real time status monitoring for all sessions
  • Role based entitlements for administrative responsibilities
  • Sync sequence numbers with brokers
  • Manage sessions failover and recovery without message loss
  • Real-time order reconciliation